We were inspired to create this project as we noticed an increase homeless in the Bay area. With our product, we will be able to create a safe, warm, and dry environment for those who may not have a home.

What it does

Our Multi-use Umbrella is a product that can be used as a place of dry storage for items like menstrual products, canned food, as well as small blankets. The storage will be located on the inner side of the umbrella so it is not visible or has contact with precipitation when using the umbrella as shelter or regularly. Our product will have the ability to extend into a shelter form. as well The six poles that meet the top mid-point of an ordinary umbrella will extend 3 feet each with a specific button to create extra room for a shelter. The tips of the poles will dig into a variety of surfaces and the inner pole will remain. Within the approximate 6 feet of space, one can sleep and stay safe. Lastly, using another button the umbrella can be used as a regular umbrella and will only extend 20 inches from each pole.

How we built it

We have not built our product yet but we have expressed an idea through several images.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were the fact that neither of us has yet to learn how to code. Though, we have explained our ideas through drawings and sketches out on our plan. Another challenge faced was the fact that the inside storage of the umbrella could become too heavy and a burden to carry. Though our plan to make this easier was to use lightweight and water-resistant material like polyester or pongee to confirm that the storage does not get wet nor the umbrella becomes a heavyweight to carry around

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to come up with this idea as we hope this product can become a real thing. I believe this product can become something interesting to see in the future and possibly become helpful to those who may not have a home because of its multiple uses and practicality. Additionally, we are proud to say that this innovation could potentially slow the spread of the coronavirus as homeless people will no longer feel compelled to go to crowded shelters and public places as the umbrella can provide individual space for one.

What we learned

We learned that creating and coming up with ideas for innovations takes up a lot of time for brainstorming and to make our product real, there is more work than just drawing and writing about the product.

What's next for Multi-use Umbrella

Our multi-use umbrella could soon be coded and CAD'ed to make the item more realistic.

no code or video demo made yet - ignore built with, try out the link, and vid demo

Built With

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