The explosive growth of textual data on the web and the problem of obtaining desired information through this enormous volume of data has led to a dramatic increase in demand for developing automatic text summarization systems. For this multi-document text summarization approach was needed to save time and energy , which also increase productivity.

What it does

Used OpenAI GPT-3 API service to Generate Summary for any Text file / PDF file / Web Article/ YouTube Video which helped in saving time by 50% and increasing the productivity by 20%

How we built it

  • To summarize text file we read the data of file and makes an API call for GPT -3 and it return the summary
  • To summarize pdf files we extract the text data from it and summarize it
  • To summarize web article we pass that link in prompt of API call and GPT -3 read it and return the summary
  • To summarize youtube video we extract the subtitles from it, convert subtitle into text format and summarize it

Challenges we ran into

  • It was challenging to work with prompt and decide a proper prompt for call
  • It was challenging to filter the response data from GPT - 3 API call
  • It was challenging to code different function for different type of files
  • It was challenging to work with Youtube videos and generate their subtitles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully generated summary not only for files and web article link but also youtube videos
  • Successfully generated Key Terms & Key Points for input data

What we learned

  • Learned about different library and virtual environment in python
  • Learned about API and how they work
  • Learned what GPT -3 is and how to use GPT -3
  • Learned how read data from different sources

What's next for Multi Tasking Summarizer

  • For now it can only summarize machine generated PDF files and can be upgrade to work for scanned pdf file
  • For now it can only summarize youtube video in which subtitles are present and can be upgrade to work for any with or without subtitle youtube videos
  • It generate output.json file as an output and it can be used anywhere to connect to any service

Built With

  • api
  • argparse
  • cli
  • openai
  • python
  • virtual-environment
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