The fact that stellar allows for multi-signature transactions gave me the inspiration for this project.

What it does

It allows users to create accounts with shared ownership. The users can request payments which require enough total signature weight in order for them to be submitted.

How we built it

I built the app using Django for the backend and using React for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge was learning web development from zero to a degree that allowed me to build something which met the basic requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm most proud of having climbed the steep learning curve to build something that works and meets the project requirements.

What we learned

I learnt a lot about web development but more generally I learnt that the internet provides a lot of learning resources and there's a lot of help you can find.

What's next for Stellar Shared Wallets

The app should have more functionality, such as the ability for users to modify an existing accounts thresholds or to be able to add/remove users. Furthermore the app could do with a better UI, particularly for mobile devices.

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