We tried to find new interesting ways for input and output for games.

What it does

It's game that tests you reflexes in fast action flight through space. You control your spaceship with your hand using the Leap Motion device. The game displays on multiple screens, so you can fly across them and see the incoming missiles from afar.

How I built it

The game is running on the Dragonboard, with the server written in Node.js. Each computer with a screen connects to a web page and the server assigns them numbers. It sends the game data for every frame to the screens, which know which part to display based on their assigned number. This allows the game to seamlessly work across different monitors on different computers. The Leap Motion is connected to the server and positional data from it is used move the spaceship, with gestures used to shoot projectiles.

Challenges I ran into

We run into many silly time-consuming problems, like GIF's animating in an uncontrollable way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The hand input fidelity is working very nicely and the game synchronizes across multiple computers successfully. All the base game mechanics work and the game is playable.

What's next for Multi-Monitor Motion Missile Mayhem

We plan to add power ups and more variance to the game content.

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