We all saw how everyone started go panic during the onset of pandemic and it was because of the lack of solid information and the spread of fake news. And this is how people fall under the misconception of true symptoms of a disease. That is why we wanted to build a project that will allow people to identify whether they have a certain type of disease or not.

What it does

As the name of the project suggests, it is a device using which people will be able to check whether they are suffering from a certain kind of disease. Our project at present can check the following types of diseases: -If one is COVID positive or not -If one is allergic from airborne allergens or consumed allergens -If one is suffering from a cold or a flu The Multi Disease Checker conducts the test quizes of the selected type of disease and then displays the final verdict to the user. One can switch between the type of disease they want to check about. The quiz is very basic as it asks the user about the symptoms of the disease and based on their answer ('YES' or 'NO') to each question, at the end it predicts the type of disease the user is suffering from or what should the user do now to get better.

How we built it

First we intensively researched and collected the data for the symptoms of each disease. Then we went on to developing the code that will recieve the data from the breadboard circuit we built using push-buttons and the microcontroller Atmega328p (for the project we used Arduino UNO).

Challenges we ran into

Building the code with the right algorithms was the biggest challenge. Another challenge was to find legitimate data for the symptoms of the different types of diseases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have come this far and complete the project on time. We are also proud to have overcome the problems we faced in the code of the project.

What we learned

We learned about the different symptoms of the diseases like COVID-19, flu, cold and allergies. We also learned a lot while working on the code and while figuring out the things that made out heads scratch. All-in-all it was a great experience.

What's next for Multi Disease Checker

We will try to incorporate this Multi Disease Checker with some sensors to actually check one's body parameters, which will help in providing even more accurate test results. Another thing that in future we would like to add onto this project is connecting it to a software or app, which will automatically store the recorded data and send it to a doctor or physician of the user's choice. Lastly, we would like to increase the database of the project to conduct a test for many such diseases and maybe this will become a commercial product too.

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