As your team gets bigger, tracking tasks and progress is getting more and more challanging. as google analytics to google, or mixpanel, multiboard-analytics is to Monday! 📈

What it does

MBA is an analytics tool which can track event and changes on every board, groups or items and helps you generate an insightful reports on many of the business questions you might have.

How I built it

The tool is built on a set of web technologies such as React, Mobx, Typescript, Graphql, and many more.

Challenges I ran into

One of the main core challenges in building the tool was the fact that Monday didn't have an open-source library for its components, and it was left to each developer to implement his own version or use a generic style system as bootstrap or material-ui.

For that reason, I've created an open-source repo for a react implementation so other developers could use it as well. you can find a demo and its source in the links below

What's next for Multi-Board Analytics

It is my hope to launch MBA on Monday's market place as soon as it is open to the broad audience.

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