Multi is an Android game client to play the latest 3d multiplayer games. Players get to join and play different themed games getting to battle it out from Tanks to Phones to Spaceships. Players get to play in 1vs1 or battle royale game modes in various pre-made and user generated maps.

The cool thing about Multi is that, you can also publish your own 3d multiplayer games using our innovative online games editor. This allows you to create a new 3d multiplayer game, customize the title screens, loading screens, 3d models and maps, and publish a new game as your own. All changes made in the editor is instantly synchronized across all connected devices.

Also, Multi is cross-platform, so when you connect, you can be battling it out against iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones or Web players too.

-=Update=- You can now even drag and drop in new javascript files and completely change the game logic, ai, menus, anything really. Video:

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