Vision: self-organized and sovereign communities. Mission: Make citizens know about self-sustainable social projects, build up teams, and help them startup those projects.

What it does

Build up groups of people of the same community with the same interest into startup a community-based plat coop with an up that explains projects and matches people with the same project interest.

How to build it

MVP: Digital platform that brings people together of a specific community with a common interest to start a social business showcased in the marketplace. By now it can be a simple survey on a web (there is the possibility to make it through a predefined online survey, but it has several limitations) with a NoSQL database to handle match people with the same interest in a community. Then, I will create a Telegram group and connect them with an expert on that concrete project. A non-sql backend: Name, community, projects of interest (a column for every project of interest for each user) Minimum viable experience: create chats with the people with common interest when it reaches the critical mass to start up a project in the same community. facilitate the contact between groups and experts in each project to mentorship to make it a reality and sustainable. These mentors will be able to propose

Challenges I ran into

Social & Political Cohesion Protection of isolated & risk groups

  1. support regarding economic issues - e.g. basics providing for those with no financial possibilities
  2. support regarding social issues - e.g. fast accommodation solutions for those in domestic conflicts distress.
  3. locating vulnerable population communities.
  4. mapping vulnerable people and their needs.
  5. connection of volunteers with vulnerable people to support their needs.
  6. apps for the public to inform themselves about the COVID situation and to report symptoms would also be useful.

Developing people-driven economies

  1. new economic models (crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, etc)
  2. alternative and quick response finance: pooling resources (money) from different contributors (citizens, SME's, foundations, governments, impact investors) to fund local solutions (match funding vehicles).
  3. new infrastructures (distributed networks, fab labs, third spaces, etc.)
  4. new governance model (collective decision making, co-decision)
  5. preparing the after-COVID given habits changes due to increased level of autonomy (people had to learn to stay home, organize their time, etc)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each project showcased in the marketplace is already tested, validated, and operational around the world. Some are well known at Catalonia. We have selected 10-15 highly interesting projects. Example of projects: pooled purchases for renewable energies trough "Som energia” cooperative. Car co-owning coops like “Som Mobilitat”. Common Internet networks like” Guifi”. Others of collaborative economy, consumer groups, pooled purchases, family support groups, time banks, renewable energies common farming, shared farms and orchards, and much more. It also can help to congregate and facilitate the unions by guilds. Then it also can help to implement digital and social cryptocurrencies. It’s basically something people are already doing on a small scale; we just want to empower more people by giving them the knowledge, build up a team, and support them. Catalonia is through a hard time and its population is very progressive. We demand more self covering.

What I learned

The implementation will be B2G. The front end is already done at (not operative) Most people don’t know community plat coop and common good projects. Build up groups of people to start up those is not easy. People don’t find support easily.

What's next for Multaque

Build up the team and start development.

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