My inspiration to develop this system using Core came from how easy and efficient the platform is. It is lightweight and you can develop a system for different kinds of platforms.

The system registers a user and authenticates users using Jason Web Token, users can reset their password if they have forgotten it, change their current password, reset a forgotten username and you can also apply for Assets. 

I built the system using the following IDEs: Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Server 2018 Asp. Net core 3.1, migration using framework 6, Swagger for testing APIs, database tables , stored procedures.

It was calling the API to  my client using JQuery(Ajax).

I managed  to create a register page, Login page, forgot password page, forgot username page, changing of current password page, One Time Pin screen as a popup, using refresh Token function. 

I have learnt how to create a system base in one Solution in folders, configuring API with Swagger, Services or Contract which is business logic layer(using Linq methods and queries), Using Dependency Injection, using mvc razor pages, JQuery Ajax, using generic method, using AutoMapper to mapper our Data Object Transfer, Entity Library for tables and Data Object Transfer folder within it.

I also learnt how to call the API using SD for API Cross-Site Requests forgery prevention to the clients side. Startup to bind all our services and configure our pipelines and Middlewares on API and Client.

I want to complete my application process and then start with the backend of AssetsSystem.

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