Through the digital boost the future of the agricultural sector with the aim of seeing the rural economy transform and prosper.

What it does:

We interview and communicate intelligently with different business and agricultural production environments in DR Congo.

How we built it:

Obstacles related to sources of financing because the avenues of financing remain very limited in Africa, even more so in DR Congo where even the banks do not have this option. -Obstacles also stem from the profound upheaval in the agricultural economy where many buyers and farmers have no knowledge and experience of connected services. -With Internet tariffs remaining high, available bandwidth remains very low compared to the situation in other countries such as Rwanda, for example; and when one moves away from the capital or urban centers, difficulties in accessing the Internet are observed. -Also because of the high cost of connection many people remain disconnected from the Internet, financial and other services, the size of the market decreases and becomes a problem. -The poor state of the agricultural desert roads in some areas causes difficulties in transporting the goods to buyers and farmers, delivery throughout the country, but also to neighboring nations: Express delivery remains an obstacle.

Challenges we ran into:

The promotion of agriculture, of the valorization of the agricultural sectors, with monthly field visits which allows us to evolve in an environment more than sensitive than that of the deep environments of the East of the DR Congo, to know the dynamics of development and to ensure a better community accompaniment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We have learned that it is necessary to create networks to work together to finally build a strong community of young people who can practically install entrepreneurial ideas, discuss African issues, see global issues and implement these ideas, decisions far from simple theoretical signatures and also break the habit that suggests that global issues or like any other issue concerning the planet, can not be satisfied with state decisions.

What we learned:

Our next step will be the finalization of an advanced and complete version of our solution, also raising awareness for partnerships with major buyers of agricultural products in the region also agricultural cooperatives where they exist and initiating community networks of farmers where there are no agricultural cooperatives for product grouping and joint sales and the creation of teams of agricultural right handers in order to properly update us agricultural data in the village groupings of their network.

What's next for MukulimaSoko:

We chose to work on this idea to alleviate the challenges that ruin the agricultural sector in DR Congo due to lack of money, phytosanitary assistance and market problems, farmers lack where to direct their production, remain poor all their lives, although working in the fields all season.

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