We are inspired by Internet of Things and Muki, a smart cup by Paulig.

What it does

Our app connects to your Google Calendar, fetches upcoming events for the day and updates your coffee cup's screen with your schedule. Every time you make a coffee break, you get an instant reminder of things that are coming up next.

How we built it

We used Paulig Muki open API to create an Android app that connects to your Google Calendar. We also made a landing page using a Bootstrap template.

Challenges we ran into

First we had to brainstorm a solution that would fit perfectly into the coffee break context and would solve a real-world problem for the users. Then, we had to understand how to work with Muki open API, to design and create an Android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a great app for Paulig Muki that can help people to be more productive and efficient in thing that they do.

What we learned

Great idea can become reality in 24 hours.

What's next for MukiDay

We want to continue hacking the cup, to add more calendar options and other features.

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