For this project we found our inspiration on the necessity of providing people a solution for a very common problem, MOBILITY, which we try to help to solve by creating an app which can provide in an easy way a route using several means of transportation in order to save time, avoiding traffic jams by using a different vehicle.

At the beginning it all began as an idea for a contest, but then it became in a dream to have that app built, son we put hands on and after one month of hard work we finally had the app on our hands, literally.

The greatest challenge we faced was to decide which frameworks and API's to use, but we decided to use the Sin Tráfico API because it is easy to use and provides a lot features, also we used Xamarin because it gives us the possibility to recycle most of our code for further development in other platforms.

We are proud of the whole app because in these app is all our effort and also we are proud of the good work and the friendship we developed inside the team.

With this project we learned a lot of technical knowledge but also we learned how to work with other students in a team for solving a complex challenge and making different ideas become a complete project.

Muévete has lot ahead including further development in its algorithm for displaying routes, adding more means of transportation, adding features such as displaying the best route based on fuel economy, the safest route, predicting when and where will be floods in order to avoid those routes.

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