Our Inspiration is help the Poor Students to get the quality education, who are unable to attend schools or go to expensive institutions. on the other hand Mudaris will help the teachers (especially females) to get earn extra income at their home.

How it works

It has two mode of working one for teachers and another for students.

  1. let suppose we have a student having problem in physics. He search on the Internet, but find no luck there. He visits different academies, but they are too much expensive and far away from the student residence. The academies emphasize to register in the whole program also, instead of learning only one specific subject or topic. So, here comes the Mudaris, Students search for the specific content, he gets the multiple teachers with that topic, in his vicinity. Now student check out the teacher profile, review and payment plan. If he find it suitable, he can enroll in the course. He will pay through Jazz cash to Mudaris and after the successful execution of the tuition, and if there is no conflicts, mudaris will release the payment to teacher.
  2. For teacher to register in mudaris, he has to provide us all his/her documentation (degree,diploma,certifications). he will then create course on the Mudaris. After the creation of course he/she will have to pass the exam related to that course. once they pass it, their course will be live then. They will be asked to enter the curriculum to course, intro video of the course and set prices for the course.

How we built it

We will create the android application for the students. and Web application for the teachers. our deployment will be on Amazon AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Our main Challenge is to bring the teachers and students on board.

What's next for Mudaris

Our Execution plan includes

  1. We are now in idea stage, we will develop the idea.
  2. After development we will start its execution from the following institutions -> Riphah International University (Because one of our Member is faculty member there in faculty of Computing) -> Al Hoda Academy Rawalpindi (One of Our Team mates is running the academy) -> Maini Girls School Swabi

Revenue Model

Teacher will charge the students based on three type of model

  1. Per Hour based
  2. Per Month based
  3. Per course based

Students will pay to Mudaris Via Jazz cash. Mudaris Will pay the teachers monthly (if there is no conflicts) and Mudaris will deduct its own commission from the teachers monthly revenue.

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