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What's the purpose?

Finding out the "behind-the-scenes" of political motives is harder than ever due to the overload of information online.

How can it be used?

While reading a news article, the user can hover the mouse over the name of a U.S. politician and see where they get the majority of their funding. If they wish, they can choose to open a new tab and see more.

How's it work?

Using mark.js we parse a news article for instances of the senator names and then mark them to show modal popups which display opensecrets data on the senators.

Error 404:

We ran into problems with the marking, parsing, displaying, and data-getting. So basically Murphy's law in action.

Best/most useful things about the coding process?

Having something to show is our proudest accomplishment of the night so look on and enjoy the toils of our suffering, err, coding. We also learned to thank the gods of API's for their hard work doing things for us.

What's next for Muckraker?

Expanding on this idea and making it into a chrome extension would be our future goal - let's uncover all the filth and make the capital the star of our nation once again!

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