Inspiration - CVs are outdated

In a world that is rushing through a digital transformation and forcing even the most stubborn leaders to embrace technology and design, the slowest movers of them all, HR and people management now need to innovate. Having hidden most of their recruitment & project allocation work to the responsibility of the outdated CV, first introduced in the 1950s, (Linkedin is still just a digitalised CV) it's time for a new way to look at people and their skills.

What it does

Visualized data can tell better stories about individuals, teams and organizations than plain numbers or text. MuchSkills gives its users a clearer picture of their skill set individually or collectively in three categories: job focus, soft skills and software competence.

Remote work and finding skills

Search across all teams to find the hard and soft skills needed to accomplish the job at hand especially when everyone has started working remotely and understanding a team's or an individual's skills becomes so much more important.

For Individuals - They do more than just what their job title says.

They are able to go beyond the CV and can create and share their MuchSkills profile online and let recruiters or colleagues get an in-depth understanding of their current skill sets and interests.

Team Managers - They need to understand what motivates their team members

They can finally be better prepared for their next one-on-one. Analyse their team's growth potential and ensure it stays balanced with every new hire.

For Organizations - They need to understand how their skills are balanced across the company and build an engaged workforce.

WFH has finally become a thing and organizations need a better way to understand the various skills of their employees and consultants. They need a complete overview of the organisation's skill sets.

MuchSkills makes it easy for them to assess if their team has the skills to deliver the desired results, identify areas of improvement and plan future recruitments accordingly.

How does an organization engage their workforce? This is made possible when an organization understands their employees strengths and ensures they are empowered to do what they do best. And this can only be achieved if leaders understand what their employees believe are their core strengths and job focus. This is what makes MuchSkills so powerful.

How we built it

We worked on designing a robust user experience ensuring that the psychological motivations of how people self-evaluate and input data made the entire experience simple and enjoyable.

The platform is built on three pillars that help individuals express their skills in a clear and precise way. Job focus - This is defined by all the stuff that individuals know well and enjoy working with. Soft skills - These are an individual's personal attributes that help them succeed at their job. Software competence - This is all the technical knowledge one has that enables them to successfully complete a job.

This data when collectively visualized as a part of a team, gives organisations, HR managers, team managers the visibility and a birds eye view of how their team's skills are growing, changing and evolving over time.

Creating a skills based profile takes just 5 mins and keeping it up to date just a few seconds. Far simpler and easier than updating ones CV.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted the platform to be feature rich, with integrations, machine learning and NLP among other functions, but had to slim down the scope of work to ensure that we could get an MVP out as soon as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have designed and developed the entire product with a tiny team of just 4 people and have so far managed to sign up more than 100 users already for our pre-release.

What we learned

MuchSkills as a product works not only for organizations, but for temporary organization such as meetups, conferences and hackathons that try to connect strangers with each other in order to build skills-based teams for short term projects.

What's next for MuchSkills

MuchSkills intends on deploying the platform widely and continue to build on core features such as Slack integrations, historical skills views, project management functionality, data exportability, Notifications and more. The plan further more is to offer MuchSkills as a way for groups to find each other in a Hackathon setting by sharing their skills and job focus for people to search.

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