Soft skills are very important in the workforce. However, the trainings for soft skills can sometimes feel boring and disengaging to people, especially to the youths who don't understand the importance of those skills.

What it does

The project is a demonstration of how the workshops can be done differently. The first part is inspired by life-choices games and let the youths see the results of their choices and discuss about it. The second part is a database of either in-person or online activities that can be done to help youths lean in a fun environment.

How we built it

There are several parts to it: web development, video editing, scenarios design, and activities research.

Challenges we ran into

We initially envisioned to build a full-blown interactive life choice game, but none of us know how to make such games. So we changed gears and utilize what we know to build a more coarse version of the life-choice game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming with those ideas and the successful implementation of them.

What we learned

Be Bold and Creative!

What's next for MTW Soft Skills Training Design

We only had less than 2 days to create this website, and design all the elements on it. I believe with enough time, we can make significant improvements on both parts. For the first part, we can include more questions, and make it more game-like and visually attractive. For the second part, we can include more activities and a search function.

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