The MTS Guide gives users Trolley, Bus, and Ferry stop information at the touch of a button. Our simple, straightforward interface gets you the information you are looking for while eliminating clutter and needless steps.

MTS Guide is broken down into three main tabs:

Services: On the services screen, you first choose which service(Bus, Trolley, Ferry) you need information. Then you choose the line/route number. Then you choose the specific stop. When you choose a stop, you will get the next three stop times and the option to see all stop times for that particular day. This is very useful if you know the route/stop and it is not necessarily near your current location.

Favorites: Each service line/route and stop has a heart next to it. By clicking on the heart, you tag that stop/line as a favorite. All stops, routes, lines that you favorite will be displayed under the favorites tab. This allows users easy fast access to their most frequently used stops/lines. MTS Guide will automatically load the favorites page on startup once a favorite stop/line has been selected.

Locator: If you are in an unfamiliar area and need to find the closest stop to you, the locator tab will help. When you click on the Locator tab, MTS Guide will find your exact location using GPS and then returns the four closest stops to you. You can then click on the stop to see what bus/trolley stops there and the next three arrival times.

In addition to the three main functionality tabs, MTS Guide is also bilingual to increase usability among riders of the MTS services. Based on the language settings on the phone, MTS Guide will display either English or Spanish. This is an auto-detect feature with no additional steps required by the user.

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