To make it easy for people to learn how to achieve spark AR effects, we decided to create A Bot that facilitates access to very simple videos on how to achieve these effects.

What it does

The Bot includes a menu that corresponds to categories of tutorials allowing the learner to see the videos and the categories and read them. Through a dashboard, we can manage the content of the bot. So we have the Dashboard page which contains the total number of tutorials and categories. Then the categories page which allows the creation, modification and deletion of categories. each category contains videos related to that category. The tutorial page allows us to manage the tutorials by adding, modifying, deleting the tutorials. The about page allows you to add or update a welcome message displayed by the bot to the user. *The Bot persistent menu page * allows you to update the bot menu.

How we built it

To set up the MTOORE bot, we used the botman / botman package, Symfony 5.1, MariaDB 10. We set up a database made up of the following tables: Category, Tutorial. The Category table allows you to organize the tutorials into categories.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Mtoore

In the future, we will improve the Bot to allow the learner to ask a question to a tutor using a button next to the one that allows you to read the tutorial video

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