Concrete, potholes, and traffic jams. We've created a way to find the diamonds in the rough amongst an evergrowing, urban metropolis.

What it does

Simply open up the app, and check for beautiful murals in the vicinity.

The app opens up to a map with all of the current murals present in Montreal. Find murals near you by clicking on the red tags for a preview and some interesting facts.

How we built it

The city of Montreal provides open data for all of its current murals, found in this JSON file: Java was used to parse the JSON open data and create a list of Mural objects. The methods were called in Android Studio to obtain the list of murals and populate them on the google map using the Google Maps API. Clicking on a tag on the map opens up a page with the address and some additional information about each mural.

Challenges we ran into

The UI for the android application required extensive use of google search and StackOverflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the app to work. We ended up with a simple, yet functional interface that is easy to navigate. The application met our original specifications.

What we learned

None of us had extensive experience in Android Studio or UI design, so learning on the fly was a tedious, but fruitful process, where we learned mobile development framework and getting XML and Java files to work together.

What's next for MTLMural

If we can do this for murals, we can do this for restaurants, museums, Bixi bike stations, etc. Everything will feel just a little closer. Maybe even avoid construction? ;)

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