Two of our team members are seniors. We always get asked by freshman to give them advice about what classes to take, how to make resumes better, and so on. This was our way of saying here is all the upper class men knowledge for all the new and potential students.

What it does

It is a way for students to figure out what classes to take, what cool events to go to, how to build up the resume. It will also serve as a way for students to get more information about how to succeed in classes. It will have a more detailed explanation of what assignments and tools were useful in succeeded in specific classes. This makes it different from rate my professor and ourumd because the postings will be relative to the time something happens in a class. for example if a student took an exam and felt one assignment was better then another in preping them they would mention this in thier postings.

How I built it

We used android studio for the layout since we wanted this to be an app that students use to help them fully succeed in classes.

Challenges I ran into

getting android studio set right and getting files to run on two different computers which had two different versions of android studio. working with github. Also understanding and working with AWS. Having changing our project idea Saturday morning and still developing it all from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The look of the app is something we are proud of. How hard and well our team worked together with some of being new to some things.

What I learned

How AWS works and How android studio works. How we work very well as a team.

What's next for MTerp

We want to fully make the app since a lot of back end stuff really needs to get done and maybe present it to the Computer science department and see it they like it.

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