The Story behind MTanks

Inspired by Robocode and a Pioneer alum known as Max Albert, we decided to create a website that would teach anybody willing to learn how to program in Java. Users sign in with Google, reference an API, and input code through our website, then watch as their tank battles another. The player can strategize, use the radar on their tank to detect other objects, and shoot with turrets on the tank - using Java to do it all.

AlbertLabs-MHacks Edition consists of three students from Pioneer High School and a student from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We knew from the start that we wanted to make the most out of our abilities and create something totally amazing, but we couldn't decide on which idea to pursue. Eventually (thanks to our FIRST Robotics software team) we were inspired by the premise of Robocode, and several weeks later we arrived at MHacks ready to create our web-based coding game.

We used Ruby on Rails for the website, Java for the backend, and Firebase for real-time data synchronization between client and server.

We hope you will appreciate MTanks and the potential it has to draw students of all ages into computer programming!

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