New Yorkers depend on MTA to get to work, school, parks.... everywhere! Often the unexpected delays, service changes, and cancellation causes stress and effects us psychologically. To end this stress we decided to create a simple web-app. When a user selects a subway line it gets the most recent update from MTA.

What it does

It gives real-time updates of subway lines.

How we built it

We used mta api, node.js, and express.js

Challenges we ran into

working with the mta-api, we received gtfs data set that was hard to understand so we had to use a js library "mta-gtfs". as we had no prior knowledge about node.js so we ran into some challenges but we also got over them quick

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working as a team we learned a lot and being able to learn to code node.js and apply it at the same time was very good experience and we all are happy about it.

What we learned

We learned technologies like node.js, express.js, and other javascript libraries.

What's next for MTA-LIfe

We are planning to use react-native to convert the web app to a mobile app and add functionality like personalized user accounts that save the frequent lines and stations, sends push notifications and text messages to get the most recent update. We plan to Google Maps api to locate users and plan their trips.

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