Our inspiration came from seeing the quality of the NYC public transportation system and the need to make something better!

What it does

Our phone application replaces the MetroCard by featuring a scannable QR code to be used to get into buses and trains. Refilling MetroCards no longer has to be done on a machine but can be done straight from your phone!

How we built it

We built it using the React Native framework with Firebase for authentication and database storage and Stripe for payment processing.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was solving the problem of sharing MetroCards over the phone. If it was just one single code, then people could easily send their weekly and monthly MetroCards to their friends. We brainstormed and ultimately came to solution which was to create a QR code who’s code would be based on the user’s account number and the current time. It would generate a new one every 10 seconds, therefore not giving enough time for it to be sent to others.

What we learned

We improved our React Native skills and used a new API we had never used before.

What’s next for MTA Blink

We hope that the MTA would adopt an app like ours, we’d love to see a more efficient MTA!

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