Due to the fact that COVID-19 regulations are difficult to follow, we thought that using an economic, portable tool that allows the approximate measurement of distance regulations it would help reduce the vulnerability of contagion in the same way the economic sector allows to benefit from the replenishment of their establishments

What it does

The application helps the user measure search establishments that follow COVID Regulations and may be used as a space planner using the phone tools to gather information about the environment.

How I built it

We separated into 2 teams, backend and frontend. Each managed to complete its own tasks.

Challenges I ran into

Localization and 3D map rendering without coordinates was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishments that I am proud of are that we managed to complete most of the requirements of the application.

What I learned

I learned to code and design in the Front-End

What's next for msureIT

Improve the measurement algorithm and render a 3D Model map of the measurements.

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