My inspiration is continue do learning and upgrade my personal profile for my future career. All country face with same issue COVID-19 and effected economy and many more.This application suitable for all office worker also for marketing,sales whatever who work outside from office.Im trying to find the best solution to avoid unread email, missing attachment and so many reason that we know before example "I'm not at office that day" . This is good to be fair for all office worker either outside or inside.Playing the blaimed games can't happen in future for management,human resource and others department.Try it , at anywhere,anytime,new environment , new challenges with your new smartphone. Microsoft Office mobile is a new app that can help you be more productive on your mobile device. Get it for free at for Android phones and for iPhone. 

How I built it

I'm using second hand smartphone Samsung GALAXY J7 with android technologies , samsung internet,chrome beta.Registered as a developer at Microsoft 365,do learning at Microsoft learn , Microsoft outlook and follow instruction from Devpost the step by step but honestly I'm not sure which apps they need. Check out @Outlook, my new mobile email app that combines super fast email, calendar and files. Download it here:

Challenges I ran into

Reset password for organizations and personal account and Application function and portal function , Do a connection and install for Android , lost my phone device , work from home with my kids 

What I learned

English , communication , culture , strength , teamwork

What's next for The Digital TOXIC Avengers

Continue online learning to earn certificate for 2021 , looking for any suitable vacancies , continue new HACKATHON challenge to complete my personal KPI road to podium and  complete another HACKATHON AI MACHINE LEARNING


Toxic avengers is a office bad culture such as gossiping , bullying and many more that we have face every day.Digital Toxic Avengers is a new apps try to do cleaning for this bad office culture around the world.COVID-19 is the best time to publish new apps from bottom line until frontliner. Have Fun!!!!

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