The inspiration was to help students learn math in an easier way. This would be by having the ability to ask any question and get an answer immediately with the steps along with a community in order to ask questions to other students.The project was created by Siddharth Nagamangala, Rohit Bhatia, Aditi Parekh, and Abhik Mazumder.

What it does

The website currently takes an image of a math problem (basic equations, quadratics, etc.) and it is able to output an answer for what a user is looking for.

How I built it

We built the website by researching a lot. We had to research about how to integrate Google's vision api and Wolframalpha's api into the project as well as how to write basic html for me. We built html/css templates in order to take a user's image and the image would then get processed by many google cloud vision api methods in order to retrieve the text/math in the image. Once this was done, the math would be put in a query in Wolframalpha's api and the answer along with the original question would be displayed onto the website a few seconds later.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge that we ran into was getting google vision's api integrated into the site. The whole process of setting it up and writing the code took a long time. We had to go through google cloud's documentation to understand the basics of what the methods do/return and how the api works in general, which was quite challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to learn about all of these technologies such as Django and Html along with using APIs such as Google Cloud Vision and Wolframalpha and use them to solve a few math problems all in one day.

What I learned

I learned basic html such as adding a button for file upload, storing the file and its url in Django, using Google Vision's API to process the file and return the text, and using Wolframalpha's API to take in a query and get an answer to the user in the website.

What's next for MSolve

To improve the range of math problems that the website can solve and to add more to the community aspect of the site.

To run the site

In order to run the site, clone the github repository, navigate to where the project is stored on your computer in command prompt, run the command "python runserver", open the link that is similar to "http:127....", and you can see the site in action by uploading some of the image files provided (factoring.png, integral.png, others provided in project).

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