With the latest events happening in the world, data ownership is getting more and more of attention. One kind of data that is critical is our medical data. We aim to give users better understanding and control over their medical data. At the same time, machine learning and AI applications are getting increasing traction. We believe these type of new tech applications can greatly improve health and life quality over the world. If only there was a way to connect both of these worlds.

What it does

We help you to create a secure medical identity to manage your various medical accounts on multiple partners websites, blockchains and digital solutions. You can securely own claims over your medical informations and we help you manage it on your local device without storing it on our servers. Once you regained control over your data, we can help you find interesting and innovative medical agencies. You keep full control over your data and you can even make a small passive income, while helping research.

How we built it

We used blockchain technologies to secure all the matching operations between individuals and corporates. We enable users to monitor precisely who can access their data at any given moment.

Challenges we ran into

How to ensure the data is anonymous and isn't stored on the blockchain ? We use onchain links to an offchain bundle of anonymize and add stasticial noise to users data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get a live Blockchain running with our smart contracts deployed to automatically track and regulate corporates access to user data.

What we learned

We learned about deploying blockchains and actually getting a smart contract on top of it. We also had to figure out solutions to ensure anonymity in our users data, as well as GDPR constraints about data privacy and security.

What's next for mshare

Expanding on the mobile app and the offline wallet to securely store user's privacy claims. Connecting with existing partners already working with medical data and helping users understand who has access over their data.

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