Conduct your Messaging Masterpiece with MsgLang


First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work on this project. 

Winning this hackathon would literally mean the world to me and would serve as:

  1. market validation
  2. runway to keep working on this app
  3. opportunity to meet with Monday team to obtain feedback related to customer profiles, usage/access patterns, and integration best-practices.

Furthermore, I'd <3 and greatly welcome any/all feedback that could help to make this product better. Please write me at!

Problems MsgLang is Solving

  • SMS marketing is a very effective marketing channel but carries high barriers of entry. Adding a simple, low-cost, seamless Monday integration can be a game changing customer magnet.
  • Integrating marketing tools with Monday or other CRM tools inevitably leads to added complexity (lost time/money), contact list redundancy, and zappier/integration bugs.
  • Marketing tools are expensive. MsgLang will be a low cost, high value replacement.
  • Most small/medium-sized business don't have the budget to hire marketing/engineering professionals or the bandwidth to learn and use marketing tools such as autopilot or campaign monitor.


  • Message contacts on Monday Boards directly with no external tools
  • Create, Edit, and Delete SMS message templates
  • View SMS message templates with a test user
  • View Messaging Campaign History


I took great care to create the app in a way that:

  • is fully functional within Monday as a Monday App
  • uses Monday boards as a data store to reduce dependencies and entire experience in Monday.
  • scalable out of the box via serverless functions
  • was inspired by Monday UI components
  • used React for UI as this is also what seems to be used by Monday

Future (v1) Features

  • Contact widget to view messages sent, on a per-contact basis
  • Multi-part campaigns with Sequences
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • User List/Segment Management
  • In-App phone number purchase (via Twilio API)
  • Add Twilio reseller/billing support 

Future (v2) Features

  • Email template generator
  • Integrate Email component to Campaign Sequences
  • Add email support billing

What's next

  • Code Refactoring
  • Add Test Coverage
  • Test/Enhance Device Responsiveness
  • Profile and Optimize App
  • Add Component Loading Skeletons
  • Add Scene Transitions
  • Obtain & Integrate Monday Team feedback (hopefully !)

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