What we all have but China has the most? MONOSODIUM GLUTAMAT in almost all processed food and it is every where. MSG has a higher affinity for NMDA receptor then endogenous glutamat. Incresed glutamat decrease the expresion of ACE 2 , and receptors are unsaturated and free for sars cov 2. This leads to a susceptibility. The rational intervention we can take is to stop the intake of MSG and to increase the gut bacteria families who produce GABA by dietetic regimen, prebiotic and probiotic mesures. It would be a great chalange to convince authorities to change the food regulations and to promote educational tools for everyone especially in low income countries. To have food regulation that promote a healthy nutrition for all peaple equally is our goal in a world that needs a dramatic change in this industry. A century of artificial additives in food industry has showed that this could make us susceptible at natural enemies and change our own nature.

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