We took some inspiration from both Countable and the Injustice Boycott movement. We aimed to remove as many barriers for the user as possible. We wanted to create a simple experience that would be informative while very accessible to those who might not be entirely aware of how retirement accounts and investments work.

What it does

Our search tool allows users to enter their mutual funds and etfs and be notified if they are investing money in both Pfizer and GSK. After notifying the user, they are provided with a couple of social and communication tools to put pressure on the fund managers and CEOs to help push MSF's agenda. In addition, there are some social tools to share with your friends to promote awareness about the cause.

How we built it

The tool is a clean and simple website built with CSS3, HTML5, and vanilla javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Narrowing focus: making it specific enough and keeping it limited/small enough to prove the potential of the tool without overcommitting ourselves in the 2 days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functional prototype that allows you to search your mutual funds/ETFs to see if they match the database of funds invested in Big Pharma and have form templates/social communication that would allow anyone to start to get involved.

What we learned

We learned a lot about basic finance, the diffusion or responsibility/ownership of rights within the financial plan structure, and more than anything we got an insider view into the multi-tiered approach MSF takes to tackle a problem. We saw their tenacity in not being satisfied with just good enough and really fighting till the end in service of their patients.

What's next for msf

We hope this tool can be expanded to allow users to search for all of their holdings simultaneously as well as build out a reverse search that will allow users to search for funds and holdings that exclude specific companies like Pfizer and GSK.

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