As of Writing, Ms Word Suite has all it takes for any organisations to run their affairs, businesses effectively. But one thing is currently lacking and that is Digital whiteboard Session directly and within the MS Word Components.
This application is an MsWord Add-In for Realtime WhiteBoard Drawing, Sketches, Signatory, Diagrammatical Illustrations etc.
You can Draw and write comfortably on the MS-Word Digital Board without leaving the application. Draw and Sketch within the Add-In, Once you are done, Right-Click on the sketch/drawings and Copy or press (Ctrl +C) and the paste (CTRL +V) on the MS Word Sheet and you are done

You can Draw, Write and Sketch with Your Computer Mouse or Get a Wacom Writing Pad and Pen and you are good to go

Running & Testing of Digital WhiteBoard as An Add-In on Ms Word.

1.) Goto and login
2.) Select/Click on Eg Word to proceed.
3.)Next Click/Select New Blank Document
4.) Click on Insert on the Menu Bar of online MS Word
5.)Next Click on Office Add-In
6.)On the Pop up that Loads, Click on Upload My Add-In
7.) Now you will be presented with Upload an Add-In Form. It will required you to upload BoilerplateManifest.xml file so that the WhiteBoard System will be loaded into Word online.

8.) Download/save BoilerplateManifest.xml from here http:///whiteboardms/BoilerplateManifest.xml

Make sure you saved the file as BoilerplateManifest.xml
9.)Browse and Upload the File on the space provided within Ms Word. Then the application will be loaded automatically as an Add-In within the MS-Word Online and you are in there....

Built With

  • microsoft-add-in
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