A chatbot just like your supervisor

We have created a chatbot to complement your learning journey! Ask about questions in your assignment, upload a photo of your hand-written work, and our chatbot will analyze the picture and check your work for you! You can also ask for hints for your assignments, or just simply chat it up like a normal human being.

A bunch of stuff in Azure

We first set up a chatbot to interact with the user and understand their intent. When a user asks for a hint in a certain assignment, the python server will access the SQL database (all in Azure!) and provide the hints for the relevant question.

Reading homework from Image

When a user takes a picture of his/her hand-written assignment, we will upload that picture to Microsoft Cognitive Services API to analyze the hand-writing and convert it to text. We will then compare the answer (and working) to the one found in our database and provide guidance about where the user went wrong and which parts he/she got correct.

Improving on the bot

Moving on from here, we may further improve this service by using the Cognitive Services API to analyze answer keys and automatically put it into the database. We may also add additional features such as a timetable for lectures and assignment due dates so that all coursework may be effectively integrated into a single chatbot!

Built With

  • azure
  • microsoft-cognitive-services
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