Since the eruption of Covid-19, learning has not been an easy one, base on the fact that students are been adversely been affected. If education must continue or people are willing to learn, then we believe that MS E-Learning is another platform through which learning will continue even in post-covid era.

What it does

The project (MS E-Learning) is solely equipped for learning. Where courses are been defined and users having the right to enroll any course of their choice. MS E-Learning is a learning hub for the world.

How we built it

MS E-Learning was built three phases: The Front-End(UI/UX), Back-End and lastly the full product integration, logics and core coding and azure publishing/hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges faced are of different levels. We had issue with publishing the application, we also had some integration issues, handling of all the bugs/issues was another challenge. At some point, the project was changed from .Net 5 to .Core due to the fact that, one of the contributor's did not have .Net 5 installed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the product (MS E-Learning) that we have built. We are proud to use the technologies we know and build the product. We are proud and in love of Microsoft technologies. We are proud to be an Ambassador of .Net

What we learned

So far so good, our learning curve during this project/hackathon challenge has been a remarkable experience.

What's next for MS E-Learning

We believe that MS E-Learning is the next learning platform for the next generation. All we need is keep on building and developing the product until it get to it standard.

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