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The news of my friends losing out their jobs due to COVID-19 was heartbreaking. Such posts flooded LinkedIn, highlighting how many companies have either fired their existing workers, or revoked the offers of new hires.

About to graduate in these uncertain times, looking for jobs has become even more difficult. It has become much more important to prepare thoroughly for your interview processes, as the competition rises stiffly with a growing rate of unemployment.

With hundreds of resources on the web, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one and get started with interview prep.

What it does

Mrs. Career Wise helps you prepare for your next interview at tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon for various roles like Software engineering, Testing, Product Management, etc.


  • Prepare for leading Tech giants

  • Tech questions - Data structures, Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, Product Management ..

  • Interview tips.

  • Analytics - Keep track of your progress.

How I built it

1) With a pen and paper, try and list out all possible ways a user might interact with Mrs. Career wise. This helped me list the intents and entities.

2) Creating a Knowledge base of interview questions asked by various tech giants for different roles.

3) Creating a python client.

4) Creating a flask server

5) Using Plotly.js to plot graphs for user's progress.

6) Deploying it over Glitch,Heroku

Challenges I ran into

  • The biggest knowledge was creating the Knowledge base. There is no API that provides such data, so I set out creating one of my own.
  • Also going all alone may not be the best idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I am glad I was able to create a product that would be immensely helpful to people.

What I learned

  • Using an NLP engine!
  • Chatbot design - handling intents, entities, contexts...
  • Creating a complete product from scratch
  • Caring for user's data privacy

What's next for Mrs. Career Wise

  • The next step would be to gather a lot of feedback from users.
  • Expand the Knowledge base to cover more types of questions.
  • Cover more types of jobs, not just Software-based.
  • Gamify the process.
  • Detailed progress monitoring.
  • Leaderboard - comparing with peers.
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