Businesses need to determine whether or not their campaigns meet their targeted audience. Usually to determine this a survey is conducted. Traditionally, customers do not like to fill out surveys because it takes too long. To know a customer purchasing habits, there must be a method that will track their shopping habits and give the client the opportunity to know their customers better and to provide them with better service. To gather this data, the consumers would need to be encouraged to purchase and then surveyed in a non-intrusive manner.
Currently there is no mobile app that provides this kind of service for consumers and the business clients.

How it works: -

This product offers two main components - a mobile app and a web dashboard. On download the consumer must

  • sign up into the MRC portal to receive information on the latest promotions and discounts tailored to their needs;
  • receive shopping rewards and cashbacks;
  • view and manage their account
    Our clients (businesses) will be able to:
  • receive data and reports about the consumers shopping habits and gain a 360 degree integrated knowledge of the consumer;
  • provide benefits and rewards directed towards the consumer.
  • view and manage their customer information

    All the consumer needs to do is simply flash the app at the P.O.S and their shopping information is submitted to MRC database. After a certain qualifier is reached a the consumer receives a cashback value.


The Challenges faced so far was :

  • the learning curve for some of the technologies used or available
  • gathering information with regards to security details to be implemented
  • getting the detailed information as to what security details, legislation available.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Being able to design a product concept that meets the needs of both consumers and businesses.

What I learned -

First time having to look at the business side of things so this was interesting to learn about Market research and the difference between that and Market reach. The variety of tools that have been available for so long. Being too used to one tool is not productive. Its important to stop and listen to everyone's contribution - sometimes the tiniest comment is the most valuable one yet.

What's next for MRC -Market Research Caribbean:

To continue to refine this product and improve its marketability and continue development on another product concept that will provide greater marketing of products and services.

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