The world we live in is so large and more often overlooked for its beauty. It takes a while to notice this because we are consumed with ourselves and our actions ultimately affect our environment before we realize the adversity of it. Sometimes, take a walk with a turtle and behold the world in a pause (Bruce Feiler). It has been estimated that more than 10 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year, becoming responsible for more than 80% of marine litter (University di Bologna) This much plastic affects our wise sea turtles as they mistake it for food in maintaining their echo systems. According to research some of their species are in danger of extinction. Life as precious as ours, is harmed by our daily lives in dealing with plastic waste. Our goal through this game is to spread the word - every tom dick and harry should know how much our daily lives affect the ocean through collection of plastics and discovery of facts we never knew about the ocean and it’s pollution.
What if I told you, you could help the planet from anywhere in the world? Imagine enjoying yourself, and at the same time gaining knowledge, building up your cognitive responses and most importantly sustaining the earth through a fun and interactive game. Mr. Turtle gives you the leisure of accomplishing all these tasks in one round of the game. As you collect plastic from the ocean floor and transport it to the diver, you restore peace to the ecosystem of sea animals. You could save a sea turtle for every number of plastic bags you collect. If the turtle can help, so can we! Be a part of the change today!

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What it does

Mr. Turtle is a game where the player must help Mr. Turtle navigate through the ocean and collect plastic bags to return them to a diver. Along the way, the player can pop bubbles to earn bonus points and learn a fact about plastic pollution in the ocean. But watch out for tangled seaweed and sharks!

How we built it

The game was built in Javascript, using the Phaser 3 framework. We built our website using HTML and CSS. We used Figma for prototyping and Procreate to draw the graphics. We also used EchoAR to show a 3D version of our game field, as well as Animaker to create a short video at the beginning of the game. Finally, we are hosting our site on Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble finalizing our idea, and we kept wanting to add more and more features. However, we simply did not have enough time to implement everything we wanted.

We also had trouble scaling the game to fit the screen and hosting the game on different servers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our teamwork and dedication to the project. We met from different places around the world, came up with ideas, and built a full and fun project to pull people from all over the world to play and learn about earth pollution.

What we learned

We learned how to serve and host a static website using HTML, CSS, and Node.js. We also learned how to plan and develop a game using Phaser 3, and how to embed that game into a website.

What's next for Mr. Turtle

We had big plans for our game, but we did not have enough time to implement everything. We initially wanted to add a quiz at the end of the game, where the player could have the chance to double their points if they answered a question about plastic pollution correctly. We also wanted to add levels, with increasing difficulty as Mr. Turtle continues his adventures. In addition, we wanted to add a shop where players could spend their points to receive power ups (i.e. speed boost, invincibility) or accessories to customize Mr. Turtle. We wanted to add music and sound effects to enhance the user's experience. We also wanted to implement multiplayer functionality to add a fun competitive factor to our game.


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