My roommate was annoyed that we couldn't see the bathroom door from our beds in order to see if someone was using it, so he wanted to build something that could indicate when the bathroom was occupied. So we built a chatbot with our suitemates to do just that, tell us when someone was in the bathroom.

What it does

The chatbot takes user input in the form of natural language in order to add to a queue of events that keeps track of who's in the bathroom and who wants to use the bathroom. We can also ask how long we have until the bathroom is free, as well as schedule times for when we want to use the bathroom in advance.

How I built it

We used a website called in order to process the input through machine learning algorithms to link certain phrases with events that were added to the queue. We also used Firebase as the database to store both the queue and different variable values needed for the chatbot to work correctly.

Challenges I ran into

Everything. Everyone was very tired and had trouble concentrating at night. Also, we had trouble trying to implement our ideas into Firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It worked! We successfully used machine learning to create a working chatbot that stores data in a cloud and retrieves it at the correct times.

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