Clunky and inefficient banking solutions on mobile platforms have made banking a painful experience for many. With the increasing popularity and intelligence of smart-home devices, such as smart speakers, we believe that banking information can be easily obtained with a few sentences.

What it does

Mr. Plutus is a virtual assistant that is capable of holding information on multiple bank accounts and can give useful information about them, such as bank balance, bank rewards, payment due dates, etc.

How we built it

Mr. Plutus is built on the Google Cloud Platform, utilizing Google DialogFlow and Google Cloud Functions to perform predictive speech-to-text queries that make API calls to various banks, such as Capital One and Citibank.

Challenges we ran into

The sheer number of possible inputs by a user had to be considered and accounted for. Creating Dynamic functions that allow us to add new variables and functionality quickly.

What we learned

We started out with no previous knowledge of DialogFlow or any kind of smart assistant coding. Almost overnight, we were able to transform a bare bones system into a fully functioning system, learning Javascript, Google Actions, Cloud Functions and several Banking APIs along the way.

What's next for Mr. Plutus

We plan to make the system smarter, and include suggestions on improving spending habits, meeting savings goals and helping users budget. Also on the horizon is adding support for more banking systems and authentication systems.

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