Kaufland Challenge

What it does

Simply add Mr.Pat to help you to manage your store. Mr.Pat, your virtual guide that simply answers your questions. Mr.Pat provides answers for the following: article number, location of product, price, quantity, and the current status of your shop. Additionally, you can also take or upload a product picture, Mr.Pat will provide a picture from the product and some information about the product. Also, Mr.Pat is able to update the current quantity from a product through Visual Recognition while doing this he also updates the status from your store so you can see directly if your shop is fine or needs some attention for product reorders.

BUT actually, our vision is more than an app. Our vision is that the shop is equipped with cameras so that the detection is automatic and not with the help of an app. Mr. Pat can than read the data easily.

How we built it

Mr. Pat is actually a web app, that was transferred to an iOS with the help of Cordova. In the background, we got IBM Watson Assistant, Watson Visual Recognition, OCR and Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Too many...Object Detection, Visual Recognition, ChatBot AI, Firebase...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It does, what it should do...We have implemented everything we have set ourselves!

What we learned

Artificial intelligence will change the shop sale in the next few years!

What's next for Mr. Pat

Create a customer app. Mr.Pat will help your customer to orientate better in your supermarket.

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