As ambitious grade 10's we have found our selves looking into the future often, post secondary, trying to find out what we want to do after high school. That let us to go to our guidance counsellor very often but it very common problem we had is that they just weren't available. They had to teach classes but also help lots of students plan out their futures and in our case it is a 400:1 ratio of guidance counsellor to students so wasn't very feasible to ask our guidance counsellor that also let us to search the web for hours trying to find an answer. So what we found is if we could cumulate all the information and index it and put it into a chat bot that you are able to talk to in your natural every day language about your future can be a huge step forward in education in the 21st-century

What it does

IBM-watson discovery is renowned for its accuracy and efficiency for analyzing and indexing webpages and files and put it into an API where you are able to call at any time with minimal human involvement. A natural progression towards the discovery is watching assistant with this very accurate ability to process natural language is a very important step to the young generations advance in language and slang creates a very seamless integration to get answers while talking to a robot

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into was the Watson discovery service indexing errors this was not realize till later on and we got around this by manually fixing any errors and clean the data a bit better.

What we learned

There were many things that we learned in this hack -athon arguably one of the most valuable lessons that we learned is how to distribute time and how valuable time is trying to hack-athon near the start we were very relaxed but later on during the second day we grind it and focussed and got a project we are proud of

What's next for Guidence bot

Hopefully in the future guidance but can work with different post secondary pathways to help better educate our students who aren't as lucky to have a guidance counsellor or someone to ask about post secondary pathways find the future for a better tomorrow.

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