Inspiration We started on with different ideas and finally we thought of making a search engine, but then again we thought that search engines are too common out there what can make our search engine stand out, that when we came to a conclusion that we would make a search engine that would give information about the globally happening issues and calamities.

What it does You ask for some issues and from there you pick a topic and read a little bit about it and when you are done you can ask for a list of links to learn more about your topic or to help spread the word

How we built it we used python and kivy to add a UI and make it look a bit better than just a normal terminal.

Challenges we ran into a couple of challenges, starting out with the languages and mediums that we must work on (kind of the main one) moving forward we decided we would use kivy which was kind of new to each one of us but we still managed to learn bits and pieces of it and integrate but in this, the challenge was to understand the new language and how it works. We also had issues with front-end and back-end communication since none of us have ever done that before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of, To be honest, we were kind of clueless at the very beginning, but seeing how far into this we've come is an achievement in itself.

What we learned I would probably say that a big thing that we learned was some modules may not communicate well with other languages or with an IDE and that reading the documentation is probably better than articles online. I also learned that it's necessary to underscope projects starting out and to understand that self-built code is better than a ton of copy and pasted code from the internet.

What's next for Aware Web Right now we are bringing you all the global issues and calamities on one app, moving forward we might highlight the protests going on, and the help you can get if you are in one of these situations and maybe we will add some ai to search for topics and add it to our app.

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