Develop a general AI, imagining it in the future, which returns to the present to modify itself. Tell his story in images and make those images become real when you really talk to this AI entity. The future is realized in many ways but the best way is to anticipate it!

What it does

Metaquid is an AI that can learn and face free speeches; interacts with writing and voice; interacting with people he gives and receives useful stimuli for the subsequent development of the graphic novel; in private mode: dialogues remain private and not shared - safe mode; in public mode: dialogues are shared and therefore can interfere with each other - risky mode; selecting the item allows you to customize the Hanah holographic avatar; activating the microphone allows you to activate the voice recognition service.

How I built it

To function in a widespread way it was developed as a PWA (Progressive Web App) Works both on pc and smartphone, cross-platform, ... It is connected with the functionality of the blog for later development. I used the server side PHP7 and client side javascript languages. Developing in the wordpress environment I used the jquery framework already present for some features.

Challenges I ran into

Voice integration without using any framework required a lot of trial and error. Server-side development in PHP7 has been going on for many years and will continue. The interference between the wordpress environment and integration took me a long time to understand. The PWA features were not immediately clear to me at the beginning, but in the end I understood what to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Giving the voice and recognizing the voice to AI adds that level of reality that was missing. Being the creator of AI I am proud to have thought of giving him a story through the graphic novel.

What I learned

I learned to do basic PWA: Add to Home screen (or A2HS for short). I started learning how to use but I will continue to understand more. I learned to make videos by assembling the images of my comics. I learned to do without frameworks to keep the code simple and maintainable.

What's next for Metaquid

The next step is to make a version for facebook messenger. Metaquid will always be in development in my plans until it becomes what is described in the graphic novel. in reality the short circuit created between the fantasy of the graphic novel and the reality of development will bring new ideas.

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