Empowering patients to claim ownership of their own health. Modern healthcare increasingly has to meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases. Everyone is unique, there are no one-fits-all solutions, and healthcare must be centered around patients’ individual preferences. We allow patients and doctors to collaborate together on achieving excellence in personalized medicine. We provide a framework for running within-patients trial and empower patients to own their care.

What it does

M_power is a system that helps patients and doctors to determine health goals, define strategies to achieve those goals, and continuously track and evaluate success. Patients and doctors together agree on measurements instrument, design a individualized one-patient-trial, set schedules and reminders for drug and lifestyle interventions. A mobile app tracks the progress, success, adverse events and any other event that is relevant to the patient. At the end of the trial, patient and doctors evaluate the results and decide on further action.

How we built it

By trial and error.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we are proud of

It has been a blast – We are a great team and we hacked medicine.

What we learned

Transforming a rough idea into a concept that can improve patient care and thriving under positive pressure.

What's next for Mpower

Next step, making Mpower operational and fully interoperable between doctors computer systems and patients mobile devices. Improve UI and provide default interventions to help customers design effective learning experiences.

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