There's a terribly large number of health conscious people out there. They buy fitness devices, like the wrist-mounted fitbits and they install different apps to help them become active. Some apps exist to help the runner - to track where they have run, to plan out routes, and to offer motivation in order to run, perhaps through story, or through engagement with the senses, such as a certain post-apocalyptic application made for runners.

There is, however, a niche that is as of yet unfilled for pedometers. A gameified pedometer. Currently, pedometers tend to be applications that garner only a few views from the user every day - perhaps a the end of the day to see their step count.

I wish to change that with my application. By gameifying a pedometer application, this will instill an emotional investment the pedometer application, and will reach a broader user-base than traditional pedometers.

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