There are many students on campus who have parking spots but no cars, and many people who have cars but no (good) parking spots. Frequently, people post on Facebook, but this is a more concise, efficient way to make the market.

What it does

Plots available parking spots up for rent by local residents onto a convenient map, which can then be easily browsed by drivers.

How I built it

Webstorm Web Development IDE, Parse data management/backend, Google Maps API for plotting parking spots

Challenges I ran into

Difficulty integrating various APIs, and learning to web develop on the fly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

User interface, "full stack" development experience gained

What I learned

jQuery, how to use Parse/manage data, HTML, CSS, APIs

What's next for MPark

Login/user accounts, functionality for users to add parking spots. gauge interest, mobile development?

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