Mosquitoes are a major problem in warm weather. The sound of mosquitoes buzzing around our ears is annoying, but their bites are potentially dangerous to our health. Large populations of mosquitoes make it almost impossible for students and staff to enjoy outdoor space and activities.

We can get rid of mosquitoes with an easy handmade trap. Mosquitoes find their victims by following carbon dioxide trails, which we produce as we exhale our breath. Many commercial traps attract bugs by burning propane to produce carbon dioxide.

Easy Handmade Mozzie Trap

All you need is plastic bottle, penknife, tape, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup hot water, and 1 packet of dry active yeast. Cut the top of the bottle. Place the sugar, yeast and water bait inside the bottle. This creates a carbon dioxide plume that lures the mosquitoes into the trap. Invert the bottle top into the bottle and tape the top edges. Hungry mosquitoes follow the trail into the bottle and down through the funnel. When they realize there is no food to be found, they fly along the surface of the brown sugar mixture until they reach the sides of the bottle. The bugs then fly up the side of the bottle, but their escape is blocked by the inverted funnel (the reason for sealing the edges with duct tape). The little biters are trapped! After a period of being trapped, the mosquitoes become tired and fall into the liquid to drown. Most of the mosquitoes that enter the trap will perish there.

Mosquito traps are better than other bug-killing methods

The trap is easy to make from inexpensive materials. You also do not need any special equipment to make the trap work. That means you do not need electricity, extension cords, or timers that other traps might require. The trap works 24 hours a day. No maintenance is required. No fans or other moving parts that can break down are involved. The mosquito bait is completely organic and can be used safely in the environment.

Student and Staff Involvement

School can organize workshops to allow students and staff to learn how make trap from bottle or container. These traps can be placed in assigned location around campus such as on outdoor tables. Aesthetics can be considered by providing creative solutions to decorate the bottle. The cleaner or student volunteers can change the bottle weekly. Let’s make our Uni a better place – Mozzie free! Trap those mozzies and keep them away!

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