Outdoor social areas have always been plagued by the mosquitoes, particularly in summertime when we all want to be outdoors enjoying the great Australian weather. However, the outdoor activities in summer time are limited due to adverse effects that the mosquitoes have; Whether it be a patio at home or a pub, backyards, balconies or great social spaces that we have at Callaghan campus, they are all affected and cannot be used in its full potential.

What it does

The vision is to eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of mosquitoes on humans in controlled social environments like patios, backyards, balconies, pathways and parks. We would call them “Mozzie-Free Domes”.

How we built it

Our team propose a multi-pronged approach. We propose to install carbon dioxide producing devices in social spaces attracting the mosquitoes to trap them. Once the mosquito sits/stings the soft & sticky surface they get trapped.

We also propose netted areas to secure the socially high human activity areas. This is proven to work while providing shaded outdoor spaces.

Challenges we ran into

Team building was a big challenge and the dynamics how a team functions. For example, identifying a team leader is crucial who can assess the strengths and weaknesses of other team members and cut-out the work and delegate for quick results.

Also collaboration was a challenge with different schedules for different team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It took us a while to come together and become functional as a team. Coordination and collaboration was achieved using various technologies, for instance, we used WhatsApp, MS Word Online, email and phone etc.

What we learned

Identify a leader who could bring together the individual and form a real functioning team. Form the missing link between different team members by delegating responsibilities and making the team members accountable.

What's next for Mozzie-Free Dome

We would like to build a prototype dome and trial its use. Collecting feed back from the end-user and the business.

Built With

  • bg-mosquitaire-co2-traps
  • dome-frame
  • mesh/net
  • mounting-devices
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