The inspiration was that most chatbots are based on doing actions and does not build a relationship with the user. Our goal is to harp on this and try to create a chatbot that understands how the person feels.

What it does

Moyna Friend acts as a chatbot virtual assistant. You can run some applications on the web, do certain tasks like google search, request for directions to a location, or request for some songs. In addition, you can also have conversations with Moyna Friend which tries to emphasize building a relationship with the user.

How I built it

Moyna Friend was built using Windows Forms on Visual Studio. It uses the AIML libraries and Haptek libraries to create the "chat" side of the bot. Moyna Friend uses the System.Speech class to handle audio output and audio input. All of this is put together in C# code.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges I faced was taking in audio input and providing a response based on it. I have not been able to find a way to fix this. I also faced the issue of providing audio output for the text, however, some browsing helped me find a solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy I was able to create the chatbot aspect, doing certain tasks and also providing responses to some prominent questions. I am also proud of being able to convert text Moya Friend comes up with and turning it into speech.

What I learned

I learned about the AIML libraries and how to use Csharp ad Visual Studios. I also learned considerable knowledge about the Csharp programming language and also how to use the basic functionalities on Visual Studio.

What's next for Moyna Friend

What's next is to turn user speech into input for Moyna Friend to process. Another goal is to have better responses for a wide variety of questions. We plan on making it support more applications other than just the browser.

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