INTRODUCTION Moving Analytics helps hospitals implement home-based secondary prevention programs for heart disease. Our solution includes a patient management platform, evidence-based clinical content and implementation services including; care pathway design, healthcare provider training, project management, and technical support. Using our solution, hospitals can easily deliver cardiac rehab to patients from the comfort of their homes under the remote supervision of their care teams in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

PROBLEM Cardiac rehab (CR) is a post-acute program for patients with recent cardiac events. Patients who complete CR cut their risk of readmissions by a third. However only 20% of patients enroll because it's inconvenient and expensive (36 hospital visits, and up to $1,800 in co-pay). With the advent of bundled payments for cardiac care, hospitals will have to pay significant readmission penalties because these patients don’t receive adequate care ($3 million per site annually).

VALUE PROPOSITION We help a hospital seamlessly offer a more convenient and affordable post-acute program to three times as many patients with low staff overhead, earn additional revenue and save up to $3 million in readmission costs each year.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE We are based on MULTIFIT, a home-based rehab program developed by Stanford University and Kaiser Permanente. MULTIFIT has shown 40% all-cause readmission reduction, 60% enrollment, 90% completion and equivalent clinical outcomes to center-based CR. Moving Analytics has an exclusive, worldwide license to MULTIFIT and has recruited the team that developed MULTIFIT.

CHALLENGES Hospital sales cycle is very slow and hence it was a challenge to convince clients to change their workflows and adopt a new solution. The fact that 10 did (and another 20 will join) is proof of the scope of the problem that we are solving.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS The fact that we have had over 500 end users and showed a 50% improvement in functional capacity has been particularly gratifying. In addition, all patients and nurses using our system have shown a very high satisfaction rating.

WHAT's NEXT Another 2000 patients per year across 30 hospitals and in the very long term, we aim to be the standard of care for all home-based post-acute care programs.

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Veterans respond well to home-based cardiac rehab app, VA study shows - Taking a quote - "The VA Center for Innovation-funded study had an 80 percent retention rate 90 days later. They also saw a 20 percent improvement in functional capacity and a reduced systolic blood pressure of 10 mmHg from baseline. Considering the older age range and historically low turnout for other cardiac rehab programs, the investigators were impressed at how well the Veterans responded to the app. "

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