• Currently, students have little incentive to help their peers study.
  • Standard office hours are not always enough for students to get all the help they need.
  • Explaining a concept to someone else is one of the best ways to learn but due to the competitive environment of classes, students are discouraged from helping each other learn.
  • Social loafing - if students assume their peers will be helped by someone else, they are less likely to take the time to answer questions.


  • By allowing students to earn bonus marks by helping their peers learn, moviU incentivizes peer-to-peer learning. moviU also matches each student to one other student, thereby creating a greater obligation to help answer questions. moviU's answer format allows live chat and interaction, allowing for personalized learning and better quality answers.

What it does

  1. Student is confused by a concept taught in class.
  2. Student logs on to moviU and posts the question.
  3. moviU's smart algorithm will match the student to a peer, based on internal rankings and academic performance.
  4. The student's peer will get a notification, prompting them to respond to the question through a live chat.
  5. The student who answered the question will get bonus marks per question answered.

How we built it

Used Meteor and React.

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